Break out the Blueshammer and green hair dye, for Ghost World is coming to Cinefamily! Documentary filmmaker Terry Zwigoff’s first fiction feature is a bitingly funny adaptation of Daniel Clowes’ famed underground comic, and it’s still as razor sharp as the day it was lensed: a darkly humorous adolescent requiem, packed with pitch perfect detail and painfully realistic characters. A sardonic Thora Birch and a young Scarlett Johansson are quintessential outsiders Enid and Rebecca, teenagers adrift in post-high school ennui, suffocated by suburban mediocrity. When they cross paths with sad sack/kindred spirit Seymour (Steve Buscemi, in the bug-eyed record collector role he was born to play), their relationship will change forever. Filled with a Cinefamily wet-dream supporting cast (Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban, Brad Renfro, Pat Healy and Teri Garr), Ghost World stands out from the teen-flick pack, creating specific, believable people and all-too-relatable cringe-inducing laughs. Essential viewing for the misfit in all of us. DJs Azul & Carlos Niño will be here to spin tunes before the show!
Dir. Terry Zwigoff, 2001, 35mm, 111 min.

Watch the trailer for “Ghost World”!
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