HEAVY MIDNITES: Future-Kill (a tribute to Marilyn Burns)

An unholy alliance of Warriors-styled action thrills (this time through a post-nuke hellzone) and braindead frat house comedy (complete with a Belushi-esque fat guy), Future-Kill is undeniably weird outsider exploitation. When a group of sex-crazed college boys are challenged to venture into a downtown wasteland, they run head-first into Splatter and his mutant gang of anti-nuke protesters. Needless to say, their fun-filled joyride does not end well. One of the great video store classics, the Austin-lensed, ultra-low-budget Future-Kill reunites Texas Chainaw Massacre stars Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns (RIP), features the first on-screen role for Cinefamily friend John Hawkes, and perhaps is most well-known for its iconic H.R. Giger (RIP again) poster art. It’s also filled to the brim with chaotic grime, gore effects, future fashion, real-life punk rockers, bad dude attitude and a surprisingly poetic anti-violence philosophy. You’ve never seen anything quite like it!
Dir. Ronald W. Moore, 1985, 35mm, 89 min.

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