HEAVY MIDNITES: Freaked (20th Anniv. screening, directors Alex Winter & Tom Stern in person!)

Co-directors Alex Winter and Tom Stern in person! This manic, mile-a-minute early-’90s monster mashup of Forrest J. Ackerman and Alfred E. Neuman lands more laughs-per-scene than any other movie of its era — and it’s also certainly the only film to feature a flashback by a common household hammer. When a vain former child star (Alex Winter, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), his best friend (Blossom’s Michael Stoyanov) and an outspoken activist (Encino Man’s Megan Ward) stumble across a mysterious South American sideshow, they soon find themselves transformed into hideous mutant freekz at the hands of its demented proprietor (Randy Quaid). Fresh off their MTV sketch show The Idiot Box, Alex Winter and his filmmaking partner Tom Stern somehow convinced Fox to bankroll this bonkers freakblast — which was promptly dumped into only two theaters before finding its deservedly large cult following on video and cable. Jam-packed with anarchic pop-culture insanity filling every frame, plus jaw-dropping makeup FX by Screaming Mad George (Society), this gut-busting takeoff finds room to add memorable turns by John Hawkes, Mr. T, Bobcat Goldthwait and Keanu Reeves as fellow monstrosities!
Dirs. Alex Winter & Tom Stern, 1993, 35mm, 86 min. (Print courtesy of Fox Archive)

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