HEAVY MIDNITES: Deathstalker & Deathstalker II

Join us as we venture to an age of great kingdoms and awesome magic, where one man dared to fight the evil of sorcery with the might of his sword: the man they called Deathstalker. It’s the ultimate quest: two of the greatest ‘80s adventures paired together theatrically for the first time anywhere!

In the wake of Conan The Barbarian, multiplexes and late night cable were forever flooded with fantastic tales featuring loinclothed heroes. But when it comes to massive amounts of nudity, violent pillaging, epic swordplay and pig-faced monsters, this Corman-produced knockoff knew how to spin low-budget gold, spawning countless adolescent fantasies, three sequels and the career of Hollywood starlet Lana Clarkson. Sent on a perilous expedition to save the world and recapture the throne from an evil wizard, the finely chiseled Rick Hill is Deathstalker, a Boris Vallejo painting come-to-life, short on words but skilled with a blade. It’s a fight to the death as our warrior king battles faceless hordes to save a world of bikini-clad vixens!
Dir. James Sbardellati, 1983, 35mm, 80 min. (Archival print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

DEATHSTALKER II — approx. midnight
A funny, fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek comedy, this in-name-only sequel is an Evil Dead II-styled classic from the days of VHS rentals, helmed by the direct-to-video king of himself, Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, Return of Swamp Thing). Less muscle-bound hulk and more wisecracking hero, John Terlesky here takes over the titular role. Tasked with destroying a wicked queen and her depraved sorcerer (John Lazar, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls’ “Z-Man”!) in order to return a beautiful princess (scream queen Monique Gabrielle in dual roles) to power, our hero must first use his arsenal of puns and one-liners to face off with a legion of Amazon women (including G.L.O.W. goddess Matilda the Hun) and fight an army of the undead. Deathstalker II is twice the action, twice the passion and twice the F-U-N!
Dir. Jim Wynorski, 1987, 35mm, 85 min. (Archival print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

Watch the trailer for “Deathstalker”!
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Watch the trailer for “Deathstalker II”!
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