HEAVY MIDNITES: Centipede Horror

When one of last October’s midnight movie watch-a-thon winners picked the notorious gross-out Centipede Horror, we figured we were finally up to the challenge. And this flick is definitely not child’s play (even for those without chilopodophobia, the fear of centipedes), for it’s both as deliriously over the top as its legacy promises, and the cinematic definition of “not for civilians.” Heck, SFX icon Tom Savini once called this “the sickest film I’ve ever seen.” But viewers with strong stomachs, twisted minds and a love for surreal sights one cannot unsee will find a wonderland of creepy, crawly, multi-legged mini-monsters, black magic sorcery and more weird shit than you ever thought possible. And like most ‘80s Hong Kong fantasy exports, it’s totally wild and completely unpredictable, packed with voodoo priests, flying flaming chicken zombies, wizard battles, bug-puking and other nightmarish visuals. There’s even time for an extended flashback to show just how grandpa got us into this mess in the first place.
Dir. Keith Li, 1982, 35mm, 93 min.