HEAVY MIDNITES: Body Chemistry

God bless Roger Corman; there was never a good idea that he couldn’t imitate and streamline. With the Hollywood heat of Fatal Attraction burning up the box office in the late ‘80s, Corman’s neo-noir take on steamy sex and kinky thrills resulted in Body Chemistry: a late night Skinemax scorcher, a slick softcore classic to catch on cable when your parents go to sleep, and a rollicking good time. A hulking, often shirtless Marc “The Beastmaster” Singer gets knotty (bondage!) as a doctor researching sexual response who crosses professional barriers when he entangles with a titillating, completely bonkers colleague. But when he tries to break off the tumultuous affair, he ignites a psychological war that will arouse his desires and engulf his family. It’s not a surprise that Body Chemistry was Corman’s most successful theatrical release in more than a decade, for it’s rife with a long list of crackly, outré setpieces, and soapy melodrama for days. A big ‘ol ball of fun that spawned three sequels and lined your old-time local video store with countless imitators, Body Chemistry helped to solidify the blistering genre that boiled billions of hormones in the Clinton Age.
Dir. Kristine Peterson, 1990, 35mm, 84 min.

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