HEAVY MIDNITES: After Hours (30th Anniversary!)

Martin Scorsese’s coke-fueled black comedy fever dream rides high on manic energy like a laser blast, a thrilling masterclass in cinematic propulsion, a completely out-there exercise in style, birthed through his frantic frustration over the initial collapse of his adaptation of The Last Temptation of Christ. After Hours is one of Scorsese’s best films, one of the all-time great “all night” movies, and a wild exploration of New York that will leave you breathless. Griffin Dunne leads an all-star cast (Rosanna Arquette, Teri Garr, John Heard, Catherine O’Hara, Cheech & Chong and more!) through a seemingly endless and Kafkaesque trip through the city, a bizarre nightmare that ratchets up the agitation, excitement, lunacy and laughter to surreal levels as it bounces from one screwball idea to another, somehow tying in plaster of Paris bagel-and-cream-cheese paperweights, burglary, an ice cream truck and even a crude drawing of a shark biting off a man’s erect penis. It’s that frickin’ good!

Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1985, 35mm, 97 min.