Heaven Knows What (w/ director Josh Safdie! LIVE PERFORMANCE by Ariel Pink and and actress Arielle Holmes!)

Q&A with director Josh Safdie! Plus a LIVE PERFORMANCE by Ariel Pink and actress Arielle Holmes!

Josh Safdie met Arielle Holmes—a homeless teenager with a ferocious Jersey accent—on an NYC subway platform, and began the friendship that led to Heaven Can Wait. The Safdies (Daddy Longlegs) encouraged Holmes to write about her experience with drug addiction, homelessness, and a volatile romance, adapting the material to create a grim blend of documentary and fiction, inviting obvious comparisons to Larry Clark’s Kids. Written in spurts in Apple Stores around Manhattan, Holmes’ story—also forthcoming in her memoir Mad Love in New York City—possesses a raw and craggy kind of beauty, capturing the rapture of drug addiction, without falling into the cinematic romance trap.

Dir. Benny & Josh Safdie, 2014, DCP, 94 min.

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