"Heartworn Highways" + live set by Scott Kelly of Neurosis!

Presented by FYF Fest

Heartworn Highways – 8:00pm
Heartworn Highways is for music lovers that like to jam tunes, get wasted and watch dogs bark and trucks pass by, for people who like hyper-analyze Charlie Daniels’ wardrobe. Check out Steve Earle (just past being a teenager) rail on “Mercenary Song”, follow Townes Van Zandt on a guided shotgun tour of the gargantuan rabbit holes on his property, then pay attention as David Allen Coe chews out some prisoners and delivers them gospel. God bless James Szalapski for crafting Heartworn (shot in ’75, released in ’81), because today’s audience is more receptive than the one that existed during its bleak, brief original theatrical release. At that time, the music was labeled New Country, but the reality is that this is country music at its finest, teetering on the edge of relevancy and engaging the audience on their terms, dixie-fried, southbound and down.
Heartworn Highways Dir. James Szalapski, 1981, digital presentation, 92 min.

Scott Kelly live set! – approx. 10:00pm
“As simple as the beauty from his acoustic constructions seemed, Kelly proved his mastery over the instrument with complex rhythms, accented with neck-bending, alternate tuning and other tricks that added a cold heaviness to both the songs and the room. With this molten, slow solo material, Kelly may have brought sludge metal to an unplugged existence — without sacrificing its characteristic thickness.” — Billy Thieme, Hey Reverb

After the Heartworn Highways screening, Scott Kelly (guitarist/vocalist for experimental post-hardcore band Neurosis) will hit the Cinefamily stage for a live acoustic set!

Watch the trailer for “Heartworn Highways”!
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