HBO's Silicon Valley (Premiere of a one minute scene w/ Cast & Crew in person!)

Cinefamily presents the premiere of a one-minute scene in the third episode of the third season of HBO’s Silicon Valley. We want to stress that this is NOT a premiere of the show. The scene bears no major narrative weight and guarantees neither high drama nor cutting-edge comedy. Be advised, the scene may ultimately be trimmed or even cut in its entirety before the show’s final broadcast version. Before our viewing of the one-minute scene, there will be a 90-second trailer of the scene, as well as a 2-minute trailer of the entire season. Then, we will proceed with the viewing of the scene in its entirety. A Q&A will follow where Mike Judge, T.J. Miller, Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, Martin Starr, Stephen Tobolowsky, and others will answer questions about this scene and this scene ONLY. There will be ego-serving fanfare, a red carpet press line & an after-party in the back patio of Cinefamily.