Harmontown (10/3, 9:45pm)

“Perverse, uncensored, deeply nerdy and spit-take hilarious.” — Rolling Stone

“A portrait of a legitimately fascinating unlikely superstar, the film really works.” — Indiewire

Best known to the masses as the man fired from his own network sitcom Community — but known to podcast fans as the center of gravity on the long-running, freeform joint “Harmontown” — Dan Harmon trawls his deepest depths of shame and self-doubt for humor and humanity on this rollicking party bus full of genuinely heartwarming moments. This seriously funny road trip doc follows the descent and uneasy redemption of genius/vessel-of-god Harmon (both his own ironic phrases) on tour with girlfriend Erin and podcast co-stars Jeff and Spencer, as they record their show to packed houses across the country, and as they hang with friends like Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman and Jack Black along the way. Helmed by Neil Berkeley (director of the Wayne White doc Beauty Is Embarrassing), Harmontown earns every deliciously gooey minute of moonshine-fueled, intimate fun. And, as it offers up a touching celebration of the universal need to connect and create happiness, Harmontown reveals what it truly means to be a Harmenian: “a nerd who’s filled with love.”
Dir. Neil Berkeley, 2014, DCP, 101 min.

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