HarmonQuest (Aug. 10th, 9PM, plus "Excalibur"!)

Community creator Dan Harmon’s weekly podcast Harmontown is unadulterated nerd bliss, thanks in no small part to Harmon’s raw, confessional storytelling style — and thanks in humongous part to the majesty of Dungeons & Dragons, through which Harmon and his assembled comedian guests go questing at the finale of every episode. With the aid of his dedicated DungeonMaster and a truckload of booze, Harmon has turned the once-cloistered, homebound tradition of role-playing games into a audience spectacular. For this installment of HarmonQuest 2013, Dan, joined by hand-picked special guest PATTON OSWALT, will take to the Cinefamily stage for a special live “off-podcast” D&D session — plus, these Cinefamily installments of the game will be recorded for a new animated version of the series!

EXCALIBUR – approx. 10:00pm
After the one-two punch of Zardoz and Exorcist II: The Heretic — two of Seventies commercial cinema’s most outlandish, boundary-stretching efforts — filmmaker John Boorman collided most awesomely with the Eighties upon the release of the very R-rated Excalibur, the screen’s most intelligent, accurate treatment of the King Arthur legend. The cast is fantastic (featuring Gabriel Byrne, Helen Mirren and Nicol Williamson in one of his best-ever performances), and the visuals are out of this world. Constructed like an elaborate dream, Excalibur is bewildering in its misty construction — and, of course, there are the battle sequences: gritty, bloody, and powerful accomplishments that have largely influenced such later films as Braveheart and The 13th Warrior. Not a film for all tastes (particularly the prudish), this is nonetheless a testament to its director’s ability to combine artistic achievement with lavish entertainment.
Dir. John Boorman, 1981, DCP, 140 min.

Watch the trailer for “Excalibur”!
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