HarmonQuest (Aug. 10th, 4PM, plus "Zero Charisma"!)

Community creator Dan Harmon’s weekly podcast Harmontown is unadulterated nerd bliss, thanks in no small part to Harmon’s raw, confessional storytelling style — and thanks in humongous part to the majesty of Dungeons & Dragons, through which Harmon and his assembled comedian guests go questing at the finale of every episode. With the aid of his dedicated DungeonMaster and a truckload of booze, Harmon has turned the once-cloistered, homebound tradition of role-playing games into a audience spectacular. For HarmonQuest 2013, Dan, joined by hand-picked (and well-liquored) special guests, will take to the Cinefamily stage for a special live “off-podcast” D&D session — plus, these Cinefamily installments of the game will be recorded for a new animated version of the series!

ZERO CHARISMA (introduced by Chris Hardwick!) – approx. 5:00pm
“The best film ever made about nerds” – Devin Faraci, Badass Digest

“Captures the tail end of a culture in which specialized dice, character sheets and hand-painted figurines were the gateway to elaborate flights of imagination” – Peter DeBruge, Variety

First-time directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews offer one of the most relevant, empathic examination of the genuine hardships of being a nerd since Freaks & Geeks went off the air. Heavy-set, tried-and-true nerd Scott (Sam Eidson) lives with his grandmother, is into heavy metal and the custom-made, intricate D&D-styled tabletop RPG of which he is the ultimate game master. This passionate, yet difficult soul’s will is put through the ultimate test when his new nemesis — sociable, successful, Ray Ban-clad hipster-nerd Miles — joins his weekly game sessions, forever upsetting the dynamic of Scott’s fragile alpha-nerd fiefdom. Genuinely funny and subtly acted, this poignant, layered character study is a nerd dramedy for the ages, utterly endearing and as heartbreaking as not getting that goddamn 20 when it’s your turn to roll the dice. Screening introduced by Chris Hardwick (Nerdist)! (Special thanks to Fantasia Fest for their synopsis text.)
Dirs. Katie Graham & Andrew Matthews, 2013, digital presentation, 86 min.

Watch the trailer for “Zero Charisma”!
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