Hardware (35mm encore, Richard Stanley & cast/crew in person!)

In case you weren’t able to come out to our Richard Stanley double bill earlier in the month, we’re bringing back Richard’s personal 35mm print of Hardware — the lone extant print of the uncut version — for one more show. Plus, Richard, star Stacey Travis and DP Steve Chivers in person! “What really makes the film is the style; Hardware is a film you’ll absolutely never forget. Each scene features strong, impressive imagery, right from the haunting opening shot of a coated, masked scavenger trudging through the orange sand. Even the soundtrack pulses with a terrific Simon Boswell score, and perfect song contributions from Public Image Ltd. and Ministry. Even Iggy Pop and Motorhead’s Lemmy pop up! The film also represents a delirious example of how much fun sci-fi could be when it wasn’t afraid to splash the screen in blood; while the first half is deliberately paced and the very definition of a slow burner, the payoff is a riotous string of grisly death scenes and wild hallucinogenic sequences that fuse together in the striking finale.” (Mondo Digital)
Dir. Richard Stanley, 1990, 35mm.

Watch the trailer for “Hardware”!
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