Hard Target (20th Anniversary screening!)

Superstar Hong Kong action director John Woo (Hard Boiled, The Killer, A Better Tomorrow) made his American debut with this Cajun-flavored update of The Most Dangerous Game, exploding Hollywood and expanding the possibilities for outrageous action (and accents), while simultaneously ushering in Universal Studios’ mid-’90s golden age of Jean-Claude Van Damme! When a woman hires a mysterious drifter (JCVD) to guide her through New Orleans in search of her missing father, they discover a deadly game of cat and mouse, nearly destroy the entire French Quarter, battle Lance Henriksen, AND run into Wilford Brimley as JCVD’s uncle. And, yes, this is the one where Van Damme punches a snake! Jam-packed with impressive stunt work and pyrotechnics, flying kicks, slo-mo gun battles and Woo’s trademark style, Hard Target is everything you could ask for in a night out at the movies!
Dir. John Woo, 1993, 35mm, 97 min.

Watch the trailer for “Hard Target”!
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