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Dizzy, delirious, noir as hell—a horror story for disciples of Burroughs, Bukowski and Brautigan—The Lost Weekend is a literary hellscape seeping with shadows, inky like wet newsprint, directed by the one and only Billy Wilder! Upsetting the trope of the heroic poet tormented by vices, it feels more like an episode of Intervention, as we fall helplessly into the delusional mind of a brilliant man bent on his own destruction through booze. It’s an ironic, psychedelic trip, where deep pools of black and gray become haunting characters, reminders of all that Don Birnam, our lapsed-writer hero, has discarded in favor of rye. With a score to unsettle the soul, loveably tacky scare-gags, and a plot rife with chaos, and four oscars to its name, The Lost Weekend is a hangover movie not to miss. Come for the character who inspired Mad Men‘s Don Draper, stay because you brought some Advil: this one is a wonderful rotgut of its own.

Dir. Billy Wilder, 1945, 35mm, 101 min.

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