HANGOVER MATINEES: THE COLOR OF SPACE - The War of the Worlds (w/ Ann Robinson in person!)

Live Set from DJ Mean Mr. Mustard!
Join us at noon for libations on the patio!

Byron Haskin’s 1953 The War of the Worlds (adapted from the story by H.G. Wells) lives and breathes Technicolor, determined to play out like a “realistic” alien invasion. Ricocheting between news reel narration highlighting the effects of the attack worldwide, and the still-fresh memories of WW2 and the atomic bomb — via shockingly violent battle sequences — Worlds is the quintessential marriage of Technicolor and sci-fi. A grab bag loaded with square dancing, instantaneous cremation, delightfully innovative special effects, and a handful of oddly chilling, one-eyed (three-lensed), anemic, seemingly merciless invaders, it’s a shockingly eerie and unsettling oddity of ‘50s sci-fi, equal parts intelligent and goofy. With heaping spoonfuls of scientific explanation delivered by a hunky leading man, we promise this gem’s eye-popping color will melt your puny humanoid brain.

Dir. Byron Haskin, 1953, 35mm, 85 min.

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