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“Nothing ever happens here,” moans a grumpy space technician. Suddenly, right on cue, an asteroid teeming with extraterrestrial green goo is on a collision course with Earth! What follows is a delectable smorgasbord of charmingly constructed space station miniatures, non-sequiturs delivered with the stiffest of lips, and special effects so cheap they wouldn’t even sell off of a clearance rack. In simpler terms: It’s B-movie heaven. Watch as crew members of Gamma 3 get picked off one-by-one, with each death more bizarrely gory than the next. Defying logic at every turn (why is sentient, chiseled jaw Commander Jack Rankin’s first battle instinct always to throw things at the aliens, including his laser gun?), The Green Slime is a delirious, self-serious, silly alien creature feature of the highest order. Come for the aliens with bloodshot, perma-stoned eyes; stay for the flubbed line readings and psych-rock theme song.

Dir. Kinji Fukasaku, 1968, 35mm (Courtesy of BFI), 90 min.

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