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Next Saturday, spend your afternoon with W.C. Fields—comfort food for alcoholics—in the first of a collection of Hangover Matinees featuring our favorite drinkers hitting the bottle. The Bank Dick, starred in and penned by Fields, barrels along with a plot like a drunken night: surreal and spotty, with lots of pleasingly unresolved threads. Egbert Sousé, our valiant and boozy protagonist, prevents a bank robbery, through sheer luck and timing, and is rewarded with a position as a guard in the bank. From this point onwards the plot hardly matters – Sousé stumbles between his favorite bar—the Black Pussy Cat café—and the bank, always leaving a cartoonish wave of catastrophe in his wake. Counted by Stanley Kubrick as one of his top ten favorite films, and “probably Fields’ best film” (Roger Ebert), The Bank Dick is raucous pure cinema, complete with an unforgettable car chase.

Dir. Edward F. Cline, 1940, 35mm, 72 min

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