HANGOVER MATINEES: Hollywood Gothic - The Italian Edition - I Knew Her Well

Join us on the patio at 1pm for cocktails!

Join us as we toast Hollywood Gothic with one last take on the mythic industry, Italian style. Antonio Pietrangeli’s 1965 criminally underseen character study focuses on a young and insouciant wannabe actress (The Conformist and Divorce, Italian Style’s Stefania Sandrelli) who unceremoniously leaves her provincial home for the big city, determined to break into the male-dominated film business. Episodic in execution, I Knew Her Well indulges alternately in luxuriant froth—an irresistible 60s Italian pop soundtrack, over-the-top hairstyles and wardrobe changes for nearly each scene!—and a darkly comic and sharp critique of the twin evils of celebrity culture and gender roles. A tragicomic romp around Rome, complete with sumptuous and sybaritic cinematography from Armando Nannuzzi (Mafioso, Boccaccio ’70), I Knew Her Well is an undiscovered nonpareil, finally given its due.

Dir. Antonio Pietrangeli, 1965, DCP Restoration, 99 min.

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