HANGOVER MATINEES: Hollywood Gothic - Sunset Boulevard

Join us on the patio at 1pm for cocktails!
Live Set from DJ Mean Mr. Mustard!

Sunset Boulevard, a savage satire of Hollywood’s dream machine, is as revered today as it was despised by Hollywood bigwigs upon its release. Positively hemorrhaging the desperation and decaying glamor that permeates Hollywood’s underbelly and populated by a world of wannabes and has-beens, Sunset Boulevard is the definitive Hollywood Gothic. Featuring noir-ish plot points and ghoulish humor, the film’s rightly famous centerpiece is the exquisitely outsized and iconic performance of Gloria Swanson as delusional harpy Norma Desmond, a former silent star hell-bent on reclaiming her celluloid throne. Erich Von Stroheim is wittily cast as her Prussian butler, and a young William Holden co-stars as her plaything/whipping boy, a struggling screenwriter who can do nothing but wait for his uproarious fate. It’s Desmond’s home, though, that says it all, a rotting mansion of aging dreams with death at the door—a perfect staging ground for her mothballed flagellating delusions.

Dir. Billy Wilder, 1950, 35mm, 110 min.

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