HANGOVER MATINEES: Hollywood Gothic - Mulholland Dr.

Join us on the patio at 1pm for cocktails!
Live Set from DJ Mean Mr. Mustard!

Endlessly quoted and referenced, Mulholland Dr.’s pitch-black, reverent tabulation of the elements that make up LA’s macabre character remains as conspicuous as the Hollywood sign. Beginning as a seedy, comic mystery tautly wound around the burgeoning love affair between guileless starlet Naomi Watts and voluptuous amnesiac Laura Harring, its trajectories get gradually buried under a stockpile of Lynchian components—a coterie of bizarre menacing locals, jarring tonal and narrative shifts, and dreamlike sequences featuring anachronistic facades. Even the director’s surrogate, hilariously played by a hapless Justin Theroux, recalls the best moments of Twin Peaks—here, Lynch’s exacting visions once again perforate the crumbling veneer of the industry’s freakish determination.

Dir. David Lynch, 2001, 35mm, 147 min.

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