This fantastic Mexican arthouse indie dives deep into the emotional abyss, as it discovers a brand-new meaning for the phrase “the living dead.” A recently deceased health club security guard awakens to discover that, while the customers are building their bodies, his is rapidly decaying. Moving through his second life in ashamed denial, Beto must repair his his own rot, while fending off the advances of a female employer desperate to drag him back into the land of the living. Director Sebastian Hofmann has a lot more on his mind than making a zombie movie, as he bends genre tropes into wide arcs to offer what might be the most sympathetic filmic portrayal of the undead in recent memory. As well, lead actor Alberto Trujillo truly gives his all, looking deathly sick in every frame as he pushes himself to his physical limits, sleepwalking through life and descending into the terrible isolation that comes over all of us who’ve lost contact with society and our work. If George Romero and Kafka had a baby, it would be a startling glimpse into Halley’s very personal hell.
Dir. Sebastian Hofmann, 2012, digital presentation, 84 min.

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