Hair Extensions

Sion Sono takes body horror to a whole new richly-lathered, sleek and shiny level with Exte (aka Hair Extensions), his unique blend of genre fireworks, trippy setpieces, left-field nutjob characters and intense melodrama. Kill Bill/Battle Royale star Chiaki Kuriyama plays an apprentice hairdresser who has to contend with being suddenly saddled with her loser half-sister’s young daughter, and with running afoul of a whacked-out morgue attendant who’s harvesting endless reams of freshly-grown demon hair from a magical corpse! Sono deftly walks the tightrope between hard-hitting, truly sad family histrionics and a giddy Peter Jackson-esque comedic horror tone, giving us a bounty of indelible and seriously squirmy moments wrapped within one of his trademark unpredictable packages. Schedule permitting, Sion Sono will be here to introduce the film!

Dir. Sion Sono, 2007, digital presentation, 108 min.