Grunge-Tastic "Singles" Mixer ('90s Party featuring "Singles"!)

Break out that belly shirt, put on your toe rings, and tie that flannel around your waist as you join Cinefamily for a grunge-tastic time machine evening back to the year 1992 — a time when even a yuppie and a burnout can find love together! Whether you’re a metalhead, femi-Nazi, diva, activist, hipster or original gangsta, we all just want someone to love — and no other rom-com from the Naughty Nineties bridges that epic subbacultural divide than Singles, Cameron Crowe’s slammin’ time capsule about six sweet Seattle solos working through the dating jungle. The cast is completely rad (Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda, Eric Stoltz, Eddie Vedder, Jeremy Piven, Bill Pullman, Kyra Sedgwick, James LeGros and a ton more), the soundtrack is a definitive document of the era — and it’s the perfect launching point for you to mingle amongst other singles! After the film, come hang on the back patio for an authentic ‘90s coffee shop experience, video dating booth, photo booth by Snap Yourself!, craft table by Paw Paw-Club, and more!!
Singles Dir. Cameron Crowe, 1992, 35mm, 99 min.

Watch the trailer for “Singles”!
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