In addition to being one of the mind-warpingly quick-draw improv comics on earth, Greg Proops is now the host of a new lugubrious, salacious, verbacious monthly podcast: The Greg Proops Film Club! First up, Greg records his latest episode live on the Cinefamily stage, and then it’s time for one of his favorite Xmas movies ever, the 1970 musical Scrooge. Greg sez: “Hey, it’s a Christmas Musical from the man who wrote the music for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Albert Finney plays the Mitt Romney of the 1840s, Ebeneezer Scrooge. Albert Finney from Erin Brockovich sings and dances — yes, you heard me. The Ghost of Christmas Present gets Scrooge drunk, and London’s poor people are thrilled to break out in song when people they hate die. Delightful Alec Guinness cameo as Jacob Marley. All faiths invited. God Bless us everyone. I promise not to be bitter and cynical for one whole night.”
Dir. Ronald Neame, 1970, 35mm, 113 min.

Q: Does Greg talk over the movies, like the Doug Benson Movie Interruption?
A: No. It is a recording of his podcast, followed by a screening of the film.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Scrooge”!