Greg Proops (one of the most mind-warpingly quick-draw improv comics on earth) records the latest episode of his monthly Film Club podcast live — and then it’s time for the late Harold Ramis’ masterpiece of existential comedy Greg sez: “It asks all the big questions: How would you live if you only had one day? Could you ever toast to world peace with a straight face? Would you want to end it all? What does Andie Macdowell look like in a stripey ‘90s vest? This is the reverse of Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, which poses “What if you were never here?” Groundhog Day asserts here don’t need you, till you can bring something to the world. Bill Murray is genius as Phil, in his best role till Rushmore. Brash, surly, smart, selfish, morbid and terrifically snarky, he drives this picture. See it on the big screen, where you can groove on all the delightfully dense small-town characters. Warning: you may feel your heart warmed, even if you are in show business.”
Dir. Harold Ramis, 1993, 35mm, 101 min.

Q: Does Greg talk over the movies, like the Benson Interruption?
A: No. It is a recording of his podcast, followed by a screening of the film.

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