GREED: Night Nurse

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Your blood pressure will spike and you will break out in spots when you see this jaw-dropper starring Barbara Stanwyck as a woman who trains to become a nurse and uncovers social and sexual inequality at every turn. She finds it in the teaching hospital first as she and her fellow student Joan Blondell are forced to deal (and they deal very ably) with the unwanted overtures of the male interns. Later, when Stanwyck accepts a live-in arrangement caring for two sick children in the home of a debauched rich woman, she must deal with the woman’s villainous lover and chauffer. The fiendish role is a real mustache twirler, but it is redeemed by the ironically pre-mustache Clark Gable who for once provides a male counterpart with presence comparable to Stanwyck’s. You’ll be shocked by the liberated attitudes and language of the film. But mostly you’ll be thrilled by it. Text courtesy of Lars Nilsen at the Austin Film Society

Dir. William A. Wellman, 1931, 35mm, 72 min.