Grand Piano (Elijah Wood in person!)

Elijah Wood in person for a Q&A after the film!

Whether it’s through artform-advancing feats like Gravity’s hyper-realistic outer space renderings or something more manically simple like Phone Booth’s tunnel vision tension, we love our high-concept movie feats that unfold in real-time, especially when done with the utmost style — and the brand-new Grand Piano has enough flair to spare. The film revolves around a particularly intense central performance from star Elijah Wood, here playing a reclusive concert pianist coaxed out of a difficult early retirement, in order to play a landmark concert — one in which he cannot ever hit a single mistake, thanks to a murderous, mysterious sniper (John Cusack) taking his wife hostage, ready to pull the trigger at the ringing-out of the first bum note. “[Eugenio} Mira’s tale is absolutely sweeping. It’s a visceral movie, one that immediately brings you to sympathy with [Wood]. The character begins the film high-strung, wanting to live down a major embarrassment — it’s something simply everyone can relate to. Mira then makes the wise choice of never giving the audience a glimpse of his sad day. We don’t need to; we understand its gravity through his performance alone.” — Fangoria
Dir. Eugenio Mira, 2013, DCP, 90 min.