Goodnight Mommy (w/ "Divers" music video) (10/18)

Prior to this showing of Goodnight Mommy, we will be screening a brand new Paul Thomas Anderson directed Joanna Newsom music video. The video for “Divers,” the title track from Newsom’s new record, was shot in New York City at the studio of artist Kim Keever, placing Joanna in one of his surreal and stormy landscapes. Behold Jojo—our favorite harpist, woodland angel, baroque princess, postmodern Joni Mitchell—on the big screen!

Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz’ taut and brutal film begins with twin brothers frolicking through the idyllic Austrian countryside in a final expression of childhood innocence, before a relentless sense of creeping fear takes hold. Their mother has returned home, following an unspoken horrific event, but mommy—wrapped in a nightmarish mask of gauze and bandages—seems different…

A treat for fans of extreme horror and art house cinema, and an exercise in resilience for everyone else, Goodnight Mommy gets under your skin like a malevolent, eerily patient little parasite, and taking its sweet time as it fills you with dread.

Dir. Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, 2014, DCP, 99 min.

Watch the trailer!