GOOD TASTE CINEMA: Harold and Maude

In a rare occurrence, we will be offering VIP TICKETS to this event! Includes couch seats, a gift bag (lovingly packaged in a Cinefamily tote bag), plus OPEN BAR!

Cinefamily is delighted to welcome Annabel de Vetten-Peterson — aka the brains behind the UK’s Conjurer’s Kitchen — for an evening of food, film and funerals to kick off our new film series “GOOD TASTE CINEMA.”

We will be screening the classic 1971 black comedy Harold & Maude with a delicious twist. After being greeted at the door with a very special potion you will receive an edible and odorific box of surprises specially created to match scenes of the film and enhance the journey of life and death unfolding on the screen.

Your custom created box will also contain an edible menu, instructions, and details about the specific scenes. Following the film we will journey back to the 70s as we celebrate Maude’s life with a wake created and catered by Annabel and a band of her merry co-conspirators, including some treats from the Depressed Cake Shop.

For more about the brilliant Annabel click here.

Dir. Hal Ashby, 1971, 35mm, 91 min.

Watch the trailer!