"Good Burger" Party & BBQ (Kel Mitchell in person!)

Would you like a little Good Burger with your Good Burger? Then this is your night, ‘cause we’re watching the single greatest ‘80s movie made in the mid-’90s, and serving it up with a bounty of ground beef on the side at our all-nite back patio Burger Bar — seriously, we’re serving burgers all night! Two zany teens (Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, of Nickelodeon’s “All That” and ”Kenan And Kel”) take summer jobs at a small independent burger joint and suddenly they find themselves trying to save their thriving mom-and-pop restaurant from the encroachment of the evil corporate Mondo Burger! Of course, outrageous hijinks ensue, including spy maneuvers, insane asylum breakouts, and transvestitism — all in a film produced by a childrens’ cable network. Whaaa? YEEEAAHHH!!! Honestly, this movie is waaayyy better than it needs to be, delivering at fast food pace an endless array of genuinely brilliant sight gags and unforgettable goofball characters. If you’re a fan of laughing and/or cheeseburgers, this is a show you are NOT ALLOWED TO MISS! Good Burger star Kel Mitchell will be here for a Q&A after the film!
Good Burger Dir. Brian Robbins, 1997, 35mm, 103 min.

Watch our trailer for “Good Burger”!