God's Angry Man + Huie's Sermon

GOD’S ANGRY MAN – 7:45pm

Dr. Gene Scott, the notorious televangelist whose paranoid grandiosity and fevered rantings made him easily the most complex (and subsequently entertaining) of his ilk, is the wildly entertaining subject of 1980’s God’s Angry Man. Herzog visits Scott on the set of the long-running nightly TV show “Festival of Faith”, filming him in both contemplative and full-on freakout modes; as he hurls bizarre, uncomfortable proclamations towards his at-home audience, Scott reveals himself to be not only passionate about his own teachings, but equally passionate about his own myth of personality. Herzog once called America “the most exotic country in the world”, and out of all his documentaries, God’s Angry Man goes the furthest to prove his point: as he alternately thrills to Scott’s maelstrom and to the creepy Xtian soft-rock musical interludes by Scott’s in-house backing band of pasty musicians with moulded hair, Herzog narrates the action in his native tongue for the film’s original German audience, hipping them to a taste of Americana as alien as the realm of Star Wars.

Dir. Werner Herzog, 1980, DigiBeta, 43 min.

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HUIE’S SERMON – 8:30pm

Made shortly after God’s Angry Man, the show’s second film finds Herzog capturing a very different, yet no less manic mode of preaching. Filmed at the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Brooklyn, Huie’s Sermon is the record of a single sermon delivered by its charismatic pastor Huie Rogers, who gradually builds in intensity from placid to a level so intense you’re amazed that he doesn’t drop dead on the spot from an aneurysm. Huie zig-zags across a minefield of hot-button anti-Christian issues (homosexuality, pollution and…artificial insemination…?), and keeps his congregation on its feet every second of the way. Herzog is less interested in the content of the sermon as he is in Huie’s pure immolative delivery, for this preacher burns as hot as the oil field fires of Lessons of Darkness.

Dir. Werner Herzog, 1980, DigiBeta, 43 min.

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