Ever felt adrift in high school without friends to relate to, role models to look up to, or scenes to belong to? Your teenage years were nuthin’ compared to the bum trip taken by the put-upon pubescent heroin(e) of Go Ask Alice, one of the most whizz-bang TV movie anti-drug screeds of all time. Based upon the notorious, widely-published 1970s “diary” of an anonymous teenage girl hooked on a variety of pills, potions and other party accessories, this perfectly rendered slice of pop propaganda zips by at a breakneck pace, with 15-year-old Alice morphing from shy wallflower to burnt-out wasteoid all before the second commercial break. Practically an R-rated film containing only the thinnest broadcast network restraint, this one’s full of highly disturbing stuff like Blue Velvet-esque hints of weird sex, drug pushers barely old enough for Little League slow pitch, screaming meth-head freakouts, and a classic Seventies fuck-you ending that’ll leave you permanently scarred. Did we forget to mention ol’ Bill Shatner guest-starring as Alice’s dad? As well, we’ve got vintage anti-drug PSAs, sublimely stoned short subjects and other surprises — plus the added bonus of Go Ask Alice presented in a beautiful, homeroom-ready 16mm print!
Dir. John Korty, 1973, 16mm, 74 min.

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