Global Graffiti: Graffiti Films From Around the World (feat. Spraymasters)

The evening kicks off with a shorts program including: Andre The Giant Has A Posse, the 1997 look at Shepard Fairey’s infamous “Andre The Giant” guerilla sticker campaign; The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal, Matt McCormick’s riveting minimalist look at the accidental art created when indiscriminate blotches of paint cover where graffiti used to stand; and, Bildberättelse från Bronx, a 1974 short made for Swedish television that’s one of the first serious documents of NYC graffiti art! Closing out the show is the amazing Spray Masters, the recent feature doc, directed by Manfred Kirchheimer (Stations of the Elevated), about four former NYC graffiti artists reflecting on their teenage years as renegades sneaking into rail yards, decorating subway cars, and eluding arrest!

Bildberättelse från Bronx

Producer: Lars Helander, Roland Odlander

Text: Lennart Engström

Photo: Dan Holmberg

First aired at Kulturmagasinet, SVT (Swedish Television), December 12, 1974

Watch the trailer for “Spraymasters”!

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