GLITCH CITY: "Zelda" Inspirations (feat. The Little Prince & The Eight-Headed Dragon)

Co-presented by Glitch City‘s interactive computer artist Archie Prakash, and featuring a live Zelda-inspired music performance by Wizzrobes!

“Glitch City”: a new Cinefamily residency celebrating all things video games, bringing to light gems from past/present generations of game culture and history. The Glitch City collective are the people that’ve brought to Cinefamily all the crazy “Virtual Reality lounge” magic; know that they’re the real deal. We kick it off with an uber-rare screening of The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon, the 1963 anime that’s inspired the design of multiple Zelda games (including Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, considered one of the very best in the entire franchise.) The Little Prince… explores the Shinto creation myth of the Japanese gods through the tale of Prince Suzano, a rambunctious little god boy. When Suzano’s mother passes, he quests to bring her back from the dead, meeting along the way all the other big names within the pantheon of Shinto belief. As their iconic scores are integral to all Zelda games, L.A. chiptuners Wizzrobes will provide an opening set of Zelda covers to the evening.
Dir. Yūgo Serikawa, 1963, digital presentation, 83 min.

Watch some excerpts from “The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon”!
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