Gleaming The Cube + The Short History of Skate Shorts

Co-presented by Levi’s Film Workshop, in conjunction with MOCA’s “Art In The Streets” exhibit

The Short History of Skate Shorts (feat. Skaterdater!) – 8:00pm
A program of rare and unseen shorts from the ’60s and ’70s depicting the origins of the worldwide skateboarding phenomenon! First up is the legendary Skaterdater (screened from a super-rare 35mm print), which won the Grand Prix for Best Short Film at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival, and was also nominated for a Best Short Film Oscar! Considered one of the very first films ever on the subject of the sport, this entrancing essay follows the coming-of-age story of a young boy who must choose between the attention of a girl, and his skate crew buddies. Featuring a slew of sharp board tricks, barefoot riding and a killer score by Davie Allen and the Arrows, Skaterdater is a must-see, no matter if you’re a casual skate fan or a lifelong shredder. Also included in the show is The Devil’s Toy, the awesome satirical 1966 Canadian mockumentary short in which Montreal is shown as a Wild West of youthful skater lawlessness — plus, more shorts TBA!
Skaterdater   Dir. Noel Black, 1965, 35mm, 18 min.
The Devil’s Toy   Dir. Claude Jutra, 1966, Beta SP, 15 min. (Archival video courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada)

Gleaming the Cube – 10:00pm
When asked to describe the highest highs of the skating experience by Thrasher Magazine, artist Garry Davis inadvertently coined the term “gleaming the cube” in a moment of stoned, glossolalic genius. Little did he know that his words would soon be spun into the twisted yarn of board-sports history as the title of the definitive skater-sleuth mystery movie. Hot off 1988’s Heathers, the film features Christian Slater in his prime, coming off like a young and jaded Jack Nicholson with bleach-blonde hair, decked out in a Cramps T-shirt. After the gratuitous murder of his Vietnamese step-brother, Slater grabs his board and seeks his own special brand of street justice, skating the suburban sprawl of Orange County while uncovering an illegal gunrunning operation. With cameos by Tony Hawk and the notorious Bones Brigade, GTC packs authenticity into its neo-noir narrative, punctuating the story with amazing sequences of sidewalk shredding that’ll bring any boarder to a state of total skate satori. And with musical moments that include The Dickies’ Anaheim anthem “Stukas Over Disneyland”, the movie stands out as a pristine artifact of its era, managing to land all its jaw-dropping tricks without skinning a proverbial knee. Gleaming The Cube screenwriter Michael Tolkin (The Player, The Rapture, The New Age) will be here for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Graeme Clifford, 1989, 35mm, 105 min.

Watch the trailer for “Gleaming The Cube”!
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