WIFEY'S GIRL ON GIRL: Welcome to Me (free sneak preview hosted by Jill Soloway, director in person!)

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Director Shira Piven in person, show hosted by Jill Soloway (creator, Transparent!) Somewhere between the the virtuoso self-portraiture of Cindy Sherman, the chutzpah of Oprah and the outside-the-box bizarro TV programming of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s UHF lies Kristen Wiig’s portrayal of Alice Klieg in the brand-new, outside-the-box comedy Welcome To Me. She’s got borderline personality disorder, is completely unmedicated, loves TV with a passion — and has just literally won the lottery. Thanks to her new pursestrings, she funds a truly inspired/insane series of “narrative infomercials” starring herself, even featuring poorly-rendered dramatic reenactments of her traumatic memories. This all is the perfect vehicle for Wiig’s world-class comedy chops, recalling the best of her SNL work, but with added pathos that will catch you off-guard. As we near the saturation point for autobiographical media in the ongoing selfie deluge, there’s something strangely redeeming in this story of a narcissist whose public self-documentation is explorative and cathartic, rather than objectifying. If we had to break it all down into a humbling, persuasive showbiz algorithm, Welcome To Me presents: mental anguish + exhibitionism − self-awareness = inspired success.
Dir. Shira Piven, 2014, DCP, 105 min.

Screening presented in conjunction with GIRL ON GIRL, Wifey TV’s screening and conversation series dedicated to promoting works by female filmmakers. Wifey and GIRL ON GIRL share a whopping common objective: furthering the female gaze.

Watch the trailer for “Welcome To Me”!
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