Gimme The Loot

We’re not knocking your Swanbergs and Short Term 12s (we very much liked both), but if you’re gonna take a taste of just one little, itty-bitty, low-budget, relationship-based, SXSW-style, naturalistic New York indie flick, Gimme The Loot is the crowd-pleaser for you. With a wisp of a heist-like Macguffin to keep your classic narrative needs occupied, you’ll be charmed, amused, and maybe moved as our endearing, scrappy teen protagonists bop around the Five Boroughs, have various picaresque and romantic misadventures, and maybe find out a little about their own feelings — all while planning to graffiti-bomb the New York Mets’ famous “apple” . We can’t picture anyone finishing this movie without a smile on their face, unless their paralyzed face muscles have been over-Botoxed — by life.
Dir. Adam Leon, 2012, digital presentation, 81 min.

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