GET MEAN (Brand new restoration, Presented by William Lustig w/co-stars Tony Anthony ,Lloyd Battista & Producer Ronald Schneider in person for Q&A, moderated by Rob Word, Host & Producer of “A Word on Westerns”! Free poster signing!)

The unofficial fourth installment in Tony Anthony’s “Stranger” spaghetti western series, Get Mean (1975) is one of the more bizarre and inventive examples of this pliable, ambidextrous genre in its waning days. Anthony and Italian director Ferdinando Baldi (the influential Django, Prepare a Coffin with Terence Hill) had previously collaborated on the pasta-delic Blindman (1971). Borderline psychedelic, not to mention historically fakakta, Get Mean’s plot (Anthony’s wise-ass gunslinger is hired by gypsies in late 19th century Wisconsin to return a deposed Spanish princess to her desert kingdom) is a mere pretext to unleash a barrage of highly entertaining explosions, high-camp gay villains, laughing skeletons, gypsy soothsayers with supernatural mirror-balls, Barbarian hordes vs. Moorish hordes, gang-rape by angry harridans, and a hero who turns black and is almost roasted like a pig. —Howard Berger

Dir. Ferdinando Baldi, 1975, DCP, 84 min.

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