George Kuchar's San Francisco Shorts

After George lost his job doing commercial art work in New York City, he accepted a position as an associate professor at the San Fransisco Art Institute. Now on the West Coast, he not only continued his own personal output, but began making films with his students, films that range from the insane to the mildly pornographic, and often both. Plus, they’re funny as hell. Included in this program is one of George’s most incredible works, and one of our favorites: I, An Actress. “A short film made as a kind of screen test for one of Kuchar’s acting students during a filmmaking workshop. The student, Barbara Lapsley, is given a page from a ludicrously melodramatic script, set opposite a dummy draped in a coat with a curly wig to represent her husband, and then set loose to read her lines. The whole thing quickly degenerates, however, as Kuchar himself steps into the frame as the director, instructing his actress in how to read her lines and how to act, constantly urging her further and further over the top. The whole thing quickly becomes less a screen test…and more a demonstration of the sheer joy of moviemaking, the hands-on fun of the director in dictating what happens on a movie set.” (Ed Howard, Only The Cinema)

Watch an excerpt from “I, An Actress”!

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