Fun With Your Head (feat. Claude Jutra's "Wow", & curated by John Wyatt of Cinespia!)

A debut monthly excursion down the rabbit hole and into the hyper-saturated, hitherto-unexplored furthest reaches of the collective cinematic mind — led by your tour guide John Wyatt (of L.A. filmic institution Cinespia!) Kaleidoscopic cityscapes, the geometry of language, inner trips and prismatic visions of the human soul collide in a session of electric viewing never to be duplicated. John’s specially curated programs of experimental rarities, culled from the archives of like-minded intrepid collectors, will alight your senses while also growing your ganglia.

For Fun With Your Head’s debut presentation, we have one of the rarest and coolest vintage psychedelic movie experiences you’ve never seen: Wow, directed by Claude Jutra (Mon Oncle Antoine), one of Quebec’s most celebrated filmmakers! This French-Canadian filmic phantasmagoria from 1970 — which has gone almost completely unseen in the U.S. — is the story of nine young adults who act out their dreams in a series of swirling tableaux that encompass not only incredible visual effects, but also the most explosive subjects of its era: authority, drugs, social conflict and sex. So bring some adventurous friends, settle in and kick-start yourself into seeing the plane beyond the brain!
Wow Dir. Claude Jutra, 1970, DigiBeta, 94 min. (Archival print source courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada)

Watch an incredible excerpt from Claude Jutra’s “Wow”!
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