Full Circle (aka The Haunting of Julia)

Within the first five minutes of Full Circle, Mia Farrow has already accidentally killed her daughter and been committed for psychological observation — how’s that for express service! This undeservedly obscure third entry in Farrow’s “spooky lady trilogy” (along with Secret Ceremony [also screening in this series], and Rosemary’s Baby) is a gracefully understated and meditative super-slow-mo burn. After her hospital release, the post-traumatic Julia severs all ties to her former life, leaving behind uptight husband Keir Dullea and moving into a creepy old townhouse — one which she may or may not be sharing with a spectral housemate. Glazed with beautiful soft-focus cinematography, an incredible synth-drenched score and a persistent atmosphere of muted terror, Farrow’s investigation of the haunting smartly takes the heavily psychological “Don’t Look Now” route, as Full Circle uses the lingering presence of the ghost as a chilling metaphor for Farrow’s unresolved guilt. A sterling example of the type of eerie mood piece they just don’t make anymore, and that’s a FACT.
Dir. Richard Loncraine, 1977, DigiBeta, 98 min.

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