From Lovecraft to Stagecraft: Stuart Gordon on "Re-Animator: The Musical" (feat. "Re-Animator"!)

Re-Animator is a masterpiece of gruesome SFX and comedy — but what makes it truly special is its added grand guignol mixture of melodrama, larger-than-life tragedy, and rock-solid scenery-chewing performances — all signposts of a director with a strong theater background. It may then come as little surprise to those interested in Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon to find that his CV is filled with avant-garde ‘60s theatre experiments, and a fifteen-year tenure as the artistic director of the Chicago-based Organic Theater. Adapting into a stage musical his own film adaptation of Lovecraft’s horror tale (about a deranged medical student who can bring the dead back to life) makes its own sick sense, and the results are a blast — one true to the joys of the now-classic film, but with the heightened absurdity of singing dead cats, and gore that’s so live that the audience needs a splash shield! Cinefamily is happy to have Gordon, as well as cast members from the play, in person to discuss the ins and outs of transplanting Re-Animator to the stage, and how one can best add music to a zombie cat scene. Our evening’s panel concludes with a feature film screening of 1985’s Re-Animator! Re-Animator: The Musical runs through Sunday, June 3rd at The Hayworth Theatre. Don’t miss it!
Re-Animator Dir. Stuart Gordon, 1985, 35mm, 86 min.

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