Fright Night (1985 version, brand-new 35mm print!)

Can you remember when Vampires were vile creatures of the night — evil incarnate, inhabiting the sack of flesh that once belonged to some poor mortal soul? Do you remember when filmmakers portrayed them as terrifyingly abominable, instead of focusing on their glittery abdominals? We do, and we’re gonna remind you, with gooey transformations, fluttery-winged rapacious were-bats, gnashing skeletal jaws and fangs, and a sensual sense of humor! Let’s spill goblets of gooey gore and toast the vampire film with the most, Fright Night – the original 1985 flick directed by Tom Holland. Our teenage hero is a huge fan of gothic, Hammer-style horror, so it ain’t hard for him to identify his new, nocturnal neighbor as an ancient murderous vampyre! With incredible special effects tumbling out one after another, extreme menace mixed with the humor inherent in madness, and an amazing ‘80s color palate, Fright Night’ll drain you dry and leave you with an unquenchable thirst for the real, vampin’ deal. Long live the undead Evil Ed! Presented in a brand-new 35mm print!
Dir. Tom Holland, 1985, 35mm, 106 min.

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