Friday the 13th Part III (w/ Larry Zerner, Dan Farrands & Peter Bracke in person!)

With actor Larry Zerner in person! Plus, Dan Farrands & Peter Bracke (of Crystal Lake Memories)!

While the first two entries of the Friday the 13th film series solidified the slasher sub genre as a horror staple, it wasn’t until Friday the 13th Part III that the iconic element of the franchise itself was cemented. It is here that iconic slasher Jason Voorhees acquires his trademark hockey mask, an image that ranks among horror’s most memorable, and an unmatched staple of Halloween costumes from 1982 to the end of time. Directed by part II’s Steve Miner, this installment was originally presented in 3D – the first for a slasher movie – and as a result the film is a hoot to watch (even in 2D) as every scene is staged for maximum eye-popping effect. The story itself is more teens being menaced by Jason, this time at a lake house adjacent to the mutated killer’s stomping camp grounds, with the standouts being the 3D, gore effects and memorable characters, like Shelly, the group’s pudgy, Jew-fro’d prankster. Most fans rank this among the series’ best, and it would be a crime to let a Friday the 13th go by without reveling in its standard-setting glory.

Dir. Steve Miner, 1982, digital presentation, 95 min.