FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: You're Next (filmmakers & cast in person!)

Director Adam Wingard, writer Simon Barrett & co-star A.J. Bowen in person! The moviegoing world did itself a grave disservice when it missed out on You’re Next this past summer, for few knew that it was one of the cleverest and most well-crafted horror flicks of the year. A festival darling back in 2011, Adam Wingard’s lean and mean little shocker took a few years to make it to cinema screens, and may have been hurt by the proliferation of “home invasion” horror that You’re Next resembles on cursory glance. But Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett have a lot more on their mind than just another “Ten Little Indians” with animal masks; they’ve constructed a twisty tale that is equal parts satire, suspense, shock and delight-inducing violence. If you missed this gem in its brief theatrical run, don’t shoot yourself with a crossbow — as you can rectify the situation by joining us for a one-night re-appreciation of 2013′s unsung horror MVP.
Dir. Adam Wingard, 2011, 35mm, 96 min.

Watch the trailer for “You’re Next”!
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