FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: We Are What We Are (free sneak preview!)

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Continuing an unbroken streak of finely crafted, grippingly real and bleak horror indies that started with Stakeland and Mulberry Street, director Jim Mickle has burgeoned into a fully-formed, remarkable auteur with the deadly and delicious We Are What We Are. Concerning the shocking religious practices of a small town family, this brand-new gothic nightmare (based on the Spanish film of the same name) expertly balances quiet family drama with a steadily building dread, climaxing in one of the most squirm-inducing finales of recent memory. Like a P.T. Anderson of horror, Mickle’s strength is in his mise-en-scène and his confidence in his characters — here a fact firmly reinforced with an impeccable cast led by Tarantino stalwart Michael Parks and a barely recognizable Kelly McGillis (Top Gun). But what you’ll really take away from We Are What We Are is its brilliantly unsettling story and the masterfully savory way it unfolds. So put on your Sunday finest and join us at the supper table, because we’re serving up heaping bowlfuls of terror!
Dir. Jim Mickle, 2013, DCP, 100 min.

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