FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: Venom (New Restoration!)

Co-presented by Blue Underground

Catching the tail-end of the “animals attack” boom started by Jaws, Venom, from 1981, gives the genre a welcome, crime-story/home invasion twist. Set in a London townhouse, the story involves a scheme to kidnap an asthmatic boy, who just so happens to have recently acquired a deadly Black Mambo snake by accident, which gets loose in the London townhouse’s vents. Oh wait, did I mention the cast features a who’s who of international superstars, including Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed, Nicol Williamson, Susan George, Sterling Hayden and Micheal Gogh??!! Things get Ten Little Indians as the snake picks off the kidnappers one by one, allowing director Piers Haggard to deftly ratchet up the hissing, slithering tension. In a world lousy with Sharknados and Sharktopuses, this real-deal creature feature deserves a revisit. If fear is what your craving, Venom is the antidote!

Dir. Piers Haggard, 1981, Digital Presentation, 93 min.

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