FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS: There's Nothing Out There + Copycat (w/ Dir. Rolfe Kanefsky in person!)

If any horror film could said to be ahead of it’s time, it would be Rolfe Kanefsky’s There’s Nothing Out There. The premise itself — teens partying in a forest-bound cabin being menaced by a malevolent and murderous force — is nothing new. But by making the main character a horror fan who’s extensive knowledge of the genre helps him spot the signs of impending doom, the film prefigures the post-modern, post-Scream boom by a good 5 years. But as cool as that is to acknowledge, the fact is that Kanefsky’s film is a fun, gory ride in its on right that delves out laughs and scares in equal measure and worthy of its own place in B movie history. The true definition of an under-appreciated gem, it’s high time this movie gets a little of the recognition it richly deserves.

Also being shown is Copycat, a short documentary that lightheartedly covers the connections and possible influence on Wes Craven’s trailblazing, post-modern Scream franchise.

Dir. Rolfe Kanefsky, 1991, 35mm, 91 min.
Dir. Charlie Lyne, 2015, DCP, 8 min.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer for There’s Nothing Out There!